TAKAKO was born in Okazaki City in Jan.29, 1962.
She is one of the outstanding female singer-songwriters in Japan.
She has the ability to be sensitive yet also healing and sincere.
She was encouraged to write songs from high school days;inspired by the existence of a certain male singer-songwriter whom she respects.

She was given Grand-prix at the 23rd YAMAHA Popular Song Contest in May, 1982.
She made her debut as a female duo “AMING” in July, 1982.
The debut single disk MATSUWA (I’ll wait for you) set a million selling record.

She started her full-scale activities as a solo singer-songwriter in Oct., 1985.
Her most famous song YUME O AKIRAMENAIDE (Never give up on your dream) was released in 1987.
This song is still popular and keeps long-time seller.
Several junior high schools adopt this song textbook on music.

She got 1st place 6 times successively in domestic album selling chart.
Her songs are cheering and warming so many listeners up.

She released 16th original album YUUKI (Courage) in anniversary of 25th solo-debut.
Titled song YUUKI (Courage) was written for the 20th anniversary of the foundation of ″Japanese School of Toledo″in Ohio,USA as a schoolsong.
The students joined in this recording and sang a chorus powerfully.

She released NO RAIN, NO RAINBOW as 17th original album and live Blu-ray disk ENCORE Ⅷ at the same time in March, 2013.

Aichi prefecture appointed her to be ″Aichi Music Ambassador″ in April, 2016.

Okazaki City (her hometown) awarded her ″Honorary Citizen″ in July, 2016.

She released all time best album DO MY BEST Ⅱ in anniversary of 30th solo-debut in Sept., 2016.

She is now holding a concert tour ″T’s Garden″, ″Christmas Picnic″ and ″Town Music Concert″ every year.

She always welcomes you at the concert hall throughout Japan.
She is looking forward to seeking you !